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Why Digitize your Art with Us?

In a day when cell phones have high resolution cameras built-in and even have whole marketing campaigns around how good their cameras are, you may wonder why its worth bringing your artwork into our shop to pay to have it photographed. Here are some of the reasons most of our clients choose our Digitization service over other options.

You are, of course, welcome to use other options - and we are happy to help you get the best results if you choose to do so.

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Resolution and Clarity

There is currently no cell phone on the market that can photograph at the same resolution as our Sony a7R IV operating in Pixel Shift mode.

Due to the physics of camera sensor sizes - even a same-megapixel cell phone picture would not come out as clean or as sharp as from our equipment. The physical sensor size in our camera is over 40x that of your cell phone, allowing it to cleanly collect light with more accurate colors.

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You Own the Files

Its your artwork. You automatically own photographs of it. We don't add our own copyrights or watermarks to it and don't ask for any kind of credit when using the photos.

We are happy to share all of your files with you at any time - even the RAW camera data files and Photoshop files with all adjustment layers intact. Deciding to digitize with us and print with a different print shop No problem! We will work with them to directly send them files in their optimal resolution and format. Note that the files are very large and we recommend picking up an external hard drive when requesting a copy of your files.

We fully support the general interpretation of US Copyright Law (909.3A) that states a photograph of an artwork that seeks to replicate the original work as closely as possible is not copyrightable by the photographer - the photograph carries the same copyright and creator as the original artwork.

Image by Markus Spiske

Color Matching

Put simply - color matching is a lot harder than many people realize. Even we don't always get it right, and we do this every day.

Color matching the digital image onscreen is only part of the equation. When you bring your artwork into our shop, we are able to make adjustments to ensure a high degree of color accuracy on the exact paper or canvas that you choose for printing.


Many people don't realize how much the choice of paper affects the colors in prints.

Image by Visual Stories || Micheile

Its Affordable!

We specifically price our digitization service so that artists don't have to pick and choose which works to digitize. Digitize everything and decide which ones you want to print from there. Once we digitize your work, we keep it on file to make ordering easy at any time.

Because we typically also handle all of our Digitization clients' printing needs, we are able to charge much lower rates compared to comparable service from other photographers (who typically charge $120-250 per artwork).

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