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Our Suppliers

We are totally transparent about where we purchase all of our materials and supplies. If you would like more information about our relationship with any of our suppliers, please email us at

We have affiliate partner relationships with some of the below companies - earning us a referral commission (without affecting your price) on qualifying purchases if you shop using the Shop Now links below.

Major Suppliers

Red River Paper logo

Our primary paper supplier, Red River Paper is a small business based in Dallas, Texas. We have chosen Red River because they are able to provide us the high quality paper that our artists and photographers deserve, at a price that allows us, in turn, to offer wholesale pricing to all of our customers.

We love Red River Paper so much that we carry their entire paper and canvas selection - more than 30 different types!


We are a Red River Paper Affiliate Partner. 

Matboard dot com logo

Based in Illinois near the Crescent Cardboard Company, is our primary supplier for matboard. We carry their full range of matboard colors and options.

Breathing Color logo

We use Austin, Texas based Breathing Color to fill out our canvas offerings of things not supplied by Red River Paper (such as the OBA-free Lyve Canvas) as well as their stretcher bars and excellent Timeless Varnish that we use on our canvas prints.

ClearBags logo

A 2nd generation family-owned business. ClearBags is our primary supplier of the plastic sleeves that we use for our prints.

Sherwin Williams logo

Founded in 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio, Sherwin-Williams is our primary supplier for the paints and supplies we use in sign and mural painting.

Dick Blick  logo

Founded in 1911 as a mail order company by Dick and Grace Blick, this is our primary source of foamcore that we use for backing our prints. We also use Blick as a supplier for our retail art supplies and a backup supplier for canvas stretcher bars and matboard.

We are a Blick affiliate partner.

Square logo

Founded in 2009 by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Square has been disruptive to the credit card processing industry. Offering great customer service, flat-rate processing, a reasonable and flexible software offering, and making their hardware completely optional all combine to make Square our provider for our POS systems and invoicing - and our go-to recommendation for artists that need mobile credit card processing at art festivals.

RawTherapee logo

Started by Gábor Horváth in 2005, RawTherapee is a free and Open Source software project with an international team of volunteer contributors. It is unquestionably one of the most powerful programs available for developing raw digital camera files.

This is the software we use for processing raw camera data.

Started in 2003 by Ted Gould, Bryce Harrington, Nathan Hurst, and and MenTaLguY, Inkscape is a free and Open Source vector image application.

This is our primary software for editing AVG and Illustrator files.

We made the switch to mirrorless cameras all the way back in 2010 with Sony's NEX-3. Now we are using Sony's powerful a7R IV which leads the world in full-frame resolution.

Adobe Creative Cloud.png

We use Photoshop as our primary software for raster image editing.


Occasionally we use Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, though we mostly use Rawtherapee (see above) for raw processing.

Lowe's logo

Started as a General Store in 1921 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Lowe's has become one of the largest suppliers of building materials in the US.


Additionally, Lowes has ongoing art-related beautification projects ongoing in many cities (including our own).

Lowes is our primary supplier for lumber and other materials and supplies for our custom sign painting operations.

Sinalite Logo

A wholesale trade print shop that only sells to other print shops, SinaLite was founded in 1999 in Canada. SinaLite is our supplier for mass-production printing where clients don't need the quality and quick turnaround of our in-house art reproduction equipment (such as flyers, business cards, etc.)

Occasional / Miscelaneous Suppliers

B&H logo

B&H is our primary supplier for printing equipment. Founded in 1973 in New York City, B&H is a go-to supplier for professional photographers. We also use B&H as a backup supplier for printer ink, photography equipment, paper, and some other odds and ends.

We use Michaels primarily as a backup supplier for matboard, foamcore, and retail art supplies.

Michaels logo
Amazon logo

Not our primary supplier for anything in particular - but used for lots of miscellaneous odds and ends. Wherever possible, we prefer to shop locally or at small businesses through their own digital storefronts. But here in rural Mississippi, many things are only available through Amazon.

We are an affiliate partner of Amazon.


Like Amazon, Walmart is not our primary supplier for anything in particular - but used for lots of miscellaneous odds and ends such as office supplies.

We are an affiliate partner of Walmart.

Founded in 2006, Wix has become one of the most advanced web hosting platforms. It is the platform that this site runs on - and the one we choose for certain client web development projects.

Squarespace Circle Member logo

Founded in 2003 in New York, Squarespace is our go-to web hosting platform for our web development clients that want to get up and running quickly and want something easy to edit and maintain.

As a Squarespace Circle member, we have access to beta features, priority support, and special discounts for our clients.

Founded in 2010 and recently purchased by H&R Block, Wave is the accounting software we used for our first three years in business - and the one we recommend for any artist or small business that needs a solid, free solution for business accounting and invoicing.

Lightfolio logo

Used for our new Client Image Galleries feature, Lightfolio support has been very receptive to our unique needs and we look forward to growing our usage of their platform.

tristate camera.jpg

Founded in 1977 in Brooklyn, New York. Our primary source for new cameras and lenses.

We occasionally use the full suite of applications from Serif. We do have a license for all of their programs to support clients that want to send us files in native Affinity formats.

Affinity applications are excellent replacements for people looking to move away from Adobe software.


We use the full suite of tools from Topaz Labs to denoise, sharpen, and enlarge images sent to us by our printing clients. We have been able to save a ton of otherwise unprintable images, and have made great images excellent using their programs.

We are a Topaz Labs affiliate partner.

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