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Painting Eggs

Step 1: Create Your Art

It may seem obvious, but the first step in making art prints is to create an original artwork to print. We do have some tips for creating art that will translate well into prints.

See tips for:

  • Painting and Mixed Media (coming soon)

  • Watercolors

  • Photographers

  • Digital Artists (coming soon)

  • Sculpture, Pottery, and Products (coming soon)

Art Class
Photographing Art

Step 2 - Get Your Art to Us

For paintings, mixed media, and other physical artworks we recommend bringing it into our studio to have it photographed. We use advanced equipment and techniques to achieve ultra-high resolutions with highly accurate colors. For most cases, we only charge $20 for this service. You can Make an Appointment Here.

If you are printing your own photographs, or you are a digital artist, please see our guide on Sending Us Files.

Once we have your artwork on file, we will keep a copy on file to make reorders easy.

Step 3 - Choose Your Paper

We offer more types of paper and canvas than just about any fine art printing shop in the country and can help you find the perfect medium to convey your artistic vision in print.

It can be overwhelming at first. Once we have your artwork, we can make recommendations based on the medium and colors used in your original work, and your budget.

Crafting Desk

Step 4 - Sizes, Matting, and Packaging

We can print any size up to 44" x 59ft in house (larger sizes by special order).

The sizes you choose for your prints depends on a variety of factors - especially the aspect ratio of the original.

We offer custom matting up to 40" x 60", which provides an easy way to fit non-standard aspect ratios into standard frame sizes. For example, if your original artwork is 9" x 12", you may choose to have your prints matted to 11" x 14" because its much easier to find 11" x 14" frames than 9" x 12".

We also offer individual plastic sleeves with rigid foamcore backing for all custom sizes. We can even barcode the backs so that you can pick up your prints from us and bring them right to your gallery or art show ready to sell.

Step 5 - Getting Your Prints

Most orders are ready within 72 hours and virtually all orders are ready within a week. Once your order is ready we have several options for getting your prints to you:

  • Free local pickup at our studio

  • Local delivery

  • Nationwide and International shipping

  • Drop-shipping service

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