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What our clients are saying

Katrina was so incredibly informative and friendly. We thought we were going in to “just get a photo taken” . Absolutely not, this was so much more than “just a photo”. Katrina is such a friendly person and answers every question you may have. This was an EXPERIENCE. I felt like I was on a tour, it was so special for me. Katrina really and truly invests every minute into you and you literally walk out the doors of BSL prints smarter and feeling like a better person. This is such a professional level, it truly is difficult to find the right words to describe this business. We will definitely return! We are their newest lifetime customers!

Fast, reliable, affordable
But most importantly high quality!
As a professional artist this is my go to place for prints and who I regularly recommend.
Every time I receive an order I am throughly impressed.

My prints turned out beautiful. The color is so vibrant people think they are original paintings. I’m pleased in every way.

The BSL Prints’ Team are not only skilled printers but are very patient and understanding with the artist. Katrina has always taken the time to discuss processes and possibilities making sure I know all the options available to me. Sharing tips she’s learned along the way.

Always get my Vision right with the prints. You have helped me grow the Brush and Glass Studio, LLC grow since the passing of Toby! Thank you from bottom of my heart

Katrina always delivers! I’ve had nothing but great experiences with BSL Prints.

Katrina was so warm and helpful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of workmanship & customer service.

Katrina is so easy to work with and she is very talented! It is my pleasure to have her do my prints!

I love my prints and the service and the attention were excellent! I am very happy with my experience at BSL Prints and am happy to recommend them to anyone.

Every time is a great time with Katrina. She goes out of her way to accommodate her clients and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

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