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Professional Services

Phone, email, video, or on-site services for professional shops, galleries, and high-end artists

  • 1 h
  • $200/hr
  • Phone, Zoom , email, or on-site

Service Description

For professional print shops making over $200k in annual revenue, museums and galleries, or high-end professional artists and photographers with in-house staff doing their own printing, we offer a range of hourly-based professional services to help ensure you are producing the best possible prints given the parameters of your business. We can help with a wide range of issues related to art digitization and art and printing as well as business operations. For example, issues with your colors and questions about device calibration and profiling, RIP support, workflow optimization, custom software development, answer questions about specific images, help you decide what paper or print options work best for a particular image (or which papers to carry), help you with questions about shipping or client relations, and many other things that may come up! Some of these services, such as custom software development, are also available on a fixed price contract basis. Please contact for fixed-price quotes. Clients for this service are billed in 15-minute increments with no minimum (time is tracked in seconds, and billed monthly rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes) On-site service will also incur travel and lodging costs (we will bill actual costs for flight (coach), train (coach if under 4 hours, otherwise roomette), car, hotel, etc. plus 10% plus standard GSA per-diem rates for meals) You can book an appointment here for a free initial phone consultation to help determine if these services are right for your organization and get you set up.

Contact Details


Inside the Bay Artists CoOp 415 South Necaise Avenue, Bay St. Louis, MS, USA

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