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We are relocating our shop from Bay St Louis, Mississippi to Batavia, Illinois!

Over the course of late 2023 and early 2024, we will be working to move our entire operations away from the Mississippi coast.

This will cause some changes and disruptions to existing clients (both in Mississippi and worldwide), as well as new opportunities for artists in the Chicago area.

We will try and answer some questions here, more info will be added as we get closer.

Expected Timeline

Things are a bit in flux, but the expected timeline is something like this:

September 2023

No more custom matting

No foamboard over 32" x 40"

Some changes to paper selection and availability

Increase prices when ordering only 1 unit of something

No shipping over 30" x 30" except to Illinois


Closed for ~10 days, TBD


Closed 17th - 21st


Limited operations December 20th - 31st


Closed 1st and 2nd

Raise price on greeting cards


Closed 10th - 20th

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