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60lb Premium Matte Plus

Acid Free Paper marker

Technical Information

Archival Paper marker

Manufacturer's description



Paper type




Brightness and Color


232gsm / 60lb

100% alpha cellulose (tree fiber)

Microporous photo matte

Acid free coating and base stock

Plain paper, no markings

"Bright white"

According to our measurements this paper has an average LAB value of 95.800364, 0.337066, -0.028740 (Measured using D50 2°), giving this paper a very, very slight warm tone but quite close to pure, bright white.

Spectral Graph

RR 60lb Premium Matte Plus Spectral Graph.JPG

Spectral Readings

 Canon Pro-2100 ICC Profile
and am1x configuration

Created 2021-12-31 by BSLprints using Argyll CMS 2.3.0 with X-Rite i1Studio

from 2,790 color patches.

 Canon Pro-1000 ICC Profile
and am1x configuration

Coming soon

Gamut Chart

Coming soon

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Premium Matte Plus is a professional grade photo matte inkjet paper. At 11mil thickness and 232gsm, Premium Matte Plus is thicker and heavier than retail brand premium matte papers. The extra weight and thickness that convey superior quality and allow the paper to handle the heaviest ink coverage. The surface is ultra-smooth, non-reflective, and bright white.


Matte papers are excellent when you need to focus on the details of an image without any reflective distractions. They also lend a subtle character to images that might not benefit from the punch of glossy or satin media. Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists often choose matte paper because it works so well at reproducing original artwork.

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